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We are a small shop in Urasoe City Okinawa, but we are the friendliest shop in Okinawa. Located in near Naha city.

Just 15 minutes away from the Naha International Airport by car. 10min walk from Furujima Station. MONO rail runs from Naha Airport to Shurijo Castle in about 27 minutes one way 

Okinawa Prefecture is located in the southernmost tip of Japan. It is composed of both large and small islands and boasts a year round warm climate. With a beautiful transparent sea and rich natural environment, Okinawa has become one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations.


Naha is a very convenient location. There are many shopping places available, restaurants located on the International Street (KOKUSAI DO-RI) and many hotels and accommodations.


Our Main service is offering One day return TRIPS to Islands of KERAMA direct from NAHA.

Same day return trips allow you to enjoy the night life of OKINAWA.

You can choose to discover what KERAMA has to offer with our full or half day  tours.

Choose the plan best suits you.

*Price is per person*

3dives Plan ¥24500-

Full Day Tour

3dives, All Equipments

*if 2 dives(due to bad sea condition) ¥21000-



Fun 2Boat Dives ¥21000-

(For certificated scuba diver)

*Leisure diving Includes

Boat fee, Dive gears, Insurance,

*Not Including

Towel, Rentals, Optional dive

Extra dive ¥6000-


Intro 2 Dives ¥21000-

Full Day Tour

Discover Scuba Diving



Rental equipments, Boat fee, Cylinder, Snorkel, Insurance,

*Not Including

Towel, Lunch, Optional dive

Extra dive ¥6000-

Rental Camera ¥2200-


Intro Diving ¥16000-

Full Day Tour

Discover Scuba Diving

*minimum from 2people


Rental equipment, Boat fee, Cylinder, Snorkel,  Insurance,

*Not Including

Towel, Lunch, Optional dive

Extra dive ¥6000-

Rental Camera ¥2200-


Intro 2 Dives ¥21000-

AM or PM Half Day

Discover Scuba Diving



Rental equipment, Boat fee, Cylinder, Snorkel, Insurance,

*Not Including

Towel, Optional dive

Rental Camera ¥2200-


Snorkeling 2-3 spot  


Full Day Tour

 *minimum from 2 people


Rental equipment, Boat fee, Insurance,

*Not Including

Towel, Lunch

If you want to try scuba dive extra ¥6000-

Rental Camera ¥2200-


You can spend the day relaxing in KERAMA's PARADISE from morning to evening.

Enjoy the beautiful sky, ocean, view, corals, and white sands.

Our tours will take you to Zamami island, Tokashiki, Gishippu, Kuro, Aka, Mae,and more in KERAMA.Thats depends on whether and sea condition. We take you to BEST place that day.

Below the bright and shining sun take time to relax and refresh your self in paradise.


All you have to prepare for our tour is your swim wear and towels.

We also require our guests have a curious and adventurous spirit.


Schedule Full day


Meeting at port (or PICK UP) we will depart towards the Kerala Islands. 


Arriving at first dive point. Once we finish we will depart for second dive point.


Here you can second dive.We also have a small break and have lunch.


Request another dive or snorkel


Deport to NAHA.Arriving at NAHA free to leave.

Enjoy and have a nice day.


Schedule Half day

7:30 (PM12:30)

Meeting at port (or PICK UP) we will depart towards the Kerala Islands. 

8:30 (PM13:30)

Arriving at first dive point. Lets dive!!

10:00 (PM14:00)

Request another dive or snorkel

12:00 (PM16:00)

Deport to NAHA.Arriving at NAHA free to leave.

Enjoy and have a nice day.


Meeting Point

Miegusuku Port

Please enter “Naha beachside hotel” into your car’s navigation system. The hotel is close to the port so please follow the road along to the parking ticket gate. Once you enter the gate please drive to the right side of the port to the waiting area where our staff will be waiting at reception. It is a white building. It is about 200 meters away from the parking gate. There is a charge of 500 yen per day for parking at the port. Please DO NOT park in the car spaces allocated with yellow lines in the port. These spaces are contracted for personnel. Please park in the spaces with white lines.

There is often construction happening around Rinkai Park. If you get lost please contact us.
Naha city will often have heavy traffic on weekdays and rainy days. Please take this in consideration and be on time to the port.
If you get stuck in traffic, lost or have an accident please contact us. 
If you are worried about what time to leave please call us the day before and we can assist you.

Our contact number is +819080128349



1. For safety reasons, due to bad weather or bad sea conditions, there is a possibility we cannot go to every dive point. Therefore, there may be a change in schedule or the tour may be cancelled.

2. Due to atmospheric pressure, you can not fly the same day that you have dived. Please don't get on plains same day.

3. Children over the age of 10years can dive with us.

4. A consent from must be signed for minor.

5. Participants who have Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, Hypertension, Otitis media, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Liver disorders, Pregnant, Hangovers, or have consumed alcohol the day of the tour are unable to join our tours. Please be aware of these. 

6. We do not land on the islands of Kerama. Staying on boat whole day.

7. Snorkeling is generally done by yourself. There are times when we will have an instructor in the water with you.

8.We can take reservation between 8 am to 6 pm the day before you wish to join a tour with us.

*Booking us ASAP*

We are not usually in Office almost ocean or out side.

Also difficult to get phone call business hour.

Massage us any time.Ask us anything.We help you.


〒901-2121 沖縄県浦添市内間2丁目23−22 201

201 2-23-22 Uchima Urasoe City Okinawa Japan


TEL: 090-8012-8349 





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